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A Day in Corporate America

I’ve never been a morning person, and I mean never. The sudden transition from waking up at 1pm in the afternoon to leaving the house a 5:45AM in the morning change my morning routine in many ways. I used to wake up, pick out my outfit of the day, eat breakfast (sometimes), and then proceed with my day. The corporate Maxime does less than 10% of that.

As if leaving the house that early wasn’t bad enough, I now leave the house with no eyebrows on. For those who know me knows how important my eyebrows are to me. Well, things change. Not that I gave up my morning routine on working with my eyebrows, it’s that I’ve grown to be comfortable with leaving the house with no products on. With that being said, I’d like to share my corporate “morning routine” with you all.

I’m sure that a lot of you ladies and gents can relate to this new lifestyle. Before I begin, I would have to say that living a corporate work life has taught me the importance of time and efficiency. I used to take 1 hour just to get out of bed. Now, it takes me a total of 15 minutes to get on the go. Crazy, right? Without further ado, let’s get into a breakdown of my day.

To be completely honest, I don’t always hear my alarm in the morning. I’ve learned that setting my alarm 15 minutes before I have to leave puts me under the pressure to wake up. Some of us work best under pressure, and that is definitely manifested in all parts of my life.

I usually roll out of bed, literally. I run to the bathroom, brush my teeth and wash my face, put on moisturizer and lip balm, and then proceed to run back to my room and put on my pre-planned work clothes from the night before. Bam, my morning in a nutshell.

I typically take the subway to work with a messy bun and flip flops. Not the cutest look, but hey, no one pays attention to how I look at six o’clock in the morning. I bring all my essentials to work, and that's where I complete my morning routine.

1. Make-up bag

I bring a small bag with some of my essential make-up products to work. I always carry around an eyebrow pencil, eye liner, mascara, a face powder and a powder brush. Frankly speaking, I only do my eyebrows in the morning just because my busiest time of the day is the morning. With that being said, I sometimes put on some face powder just to spice things up a bit.

2. Face mist

I keep my travel size Mario Badescu Facial Spray at all times. The corporate air is not joke– drying and cold. I like to spray my face throughout the day just to refresh and also wake myself up. The rose scent, along with the cooling effect of the mist is my guilty pleasure at work.

3. Blister Band-Aids

Although this is not a beauty product, it is an absolute holy grail. I had very bad blisters the first couple of days of work because of these cute shoes. It took me a long and painful week to break into them. Without my blister Band-Aids, I would have probably given up on these shoes and left them in my closet. A blister band-aids a day takes the pain away!

Once I get into the office, I’d do my “make-up”, then pick up my morning coffee, and then go about my day. Truth be told, I love taking coffee breaks in the afternoon because it gives me the chance to take a walk around the city and get some fresh air. I’ve learned to appreciate little things like taking walks, enjoying the fresh air, and the city itself!

I hope you found this post fun to read. It was definitely fun for me to write as I reflect things that I’ve learn as I grow an adult. I’d have to say that it is not easy, but it is definitely a rewarding experience.

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