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A Day in the Art World

Hello everyone!

We hope you’re having a great summer. As you know from our last post, we’ve been pretty busy here at DTM-- doing the most to start off our careers on the right foot. Like Maxime, I’m also in New York for part of the summer, but having a very different experience interning at a large auction house. Like Maxime did, I thought I’d also walk you through a day as an intern in the art world, and share some of the ways I'm trying to find a work-life balance.

Every morning I snooze my alarm until 8am and shower. I love showering in the morning because I am NOT a morning person, but it makes me feel almost brand-new and ready to start the day. I take my time getting ready; I blow dry my hair, check my phone, sometimes turn on the tv for background noise. I go through my full makeup routine, which I keep pretty simple but touches all bases. I usually apply a CC cream, bronzer, blush, highlight, mascara, and eyeliner if I’m feeling fancy. I always prefer a more natural and comfortable look for day-to-day, and I get this done pretty quickly.

Then, I slip on a pre-selected outfit, a pair of comfy shoes (I switch my shoes at work), and grab my bag. This is honestly key for me-- I really always try to have my bag all set up and my outfit prepared the night before because it saves me so much time and effort, and really makes me less of a victim to my forgetfulness.

I hop on the train, usually with some time to spare, and either buy an iced coffee or make a cup at the office. I eat a quick breakfast at work as I check my email and start the tasks I have lined up for me. I try to stay focused during the workday, which is typically 9:30am-5:30pm, giving the work I have to do my best shot. I usually do some research for the specialists in the department, answer the phone, and really just try to be on deck whenever they need me. It's been so cool to come into dialogue with work by so many artists, and I'm also really beginning to understand how the auction/consignment process works.

During lunch, I usually meet up with co-interns and grab a salad or a sandwich in our surroundings, eating outside if it’s a nice day (I work smack in the middle of Manhattan, so there are really a lot of options). These lunch breaks are honestly so nice, and I love picking out some healthy options.

Something I really love about Manhattan is that you never run out of things to do, and luckily a lot of people I know are in the city, which has been a great way to de-stress since Manhattan is so fast paced and crowded. Seeing friends is always reassuring to me, and I love exploring cities. Since I get out of work at a reasonable hour, I sometimes try to meet up with friends for early dinners. Last week, Maxime and I got some really good ramen at Ippudo on 5th Ave (she works really close by)!

I've been trying to work out while here also, since I'd really gotten in the habit when I was home. The other day, for example, my friend let me do a free trial at the SoulCycle where he works… I’m still a little dead tbh but it was a great workout and I slept SO well. Tbh I'm doing my best to not spend my whole paycheck on expensive NYC classes since they're my new guilty pleasure. Pray for me guys!

I haven’t been here for very long, so I’m still trying to establish a balance and get a hang of it, but everything’s been very exciting and I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks bring!

Author: Martina


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