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Hello hello! This is the last part of our “A Day in…” Series and I’m going to fill you guys in on what I’ve been up to this summer. I am currently interning Portland and it’s my first internship with a company this big and it’s also my first time on the West Coast, so it’s been quite an exciting summer of exploring.

I typically get up around 6:45 am but sometimes I do a workout class in the morning so I get up a little earlier. I catch the bus to work, usually with a big group of interns as a lot of us live in the same apartment building. My commute is honestly a great part of my day, you get to catch up with your friends on the way to work and there’s an amazing view of the river from the bridge we drive across every morning.

My morning makeup routine is pretty basic – eyebrows, concealer, foundation and a little bit of lip gloss- if I’m feeling fancy a nice winged tip too. The company has an informal company culture, so I can really be creative with how I dress to work. I really love it because it means I can wear jeans and cool sneakers to work like the ones below every day.

The company culture also means that I can really frame my day how I want, and my manager is cool with it as long as I get my job done. Because of that, not every day looks the same. During the work day; I can go to the gym, learn to use one of the design machines in our Maker Lab (I’ll talk more about that later), volunteer, or go grab Ramen with my team! Portland has a really good food scene, so we definitely try to take advantage of that.

The Maker Lab is honestly one of my favorite places – it’s a creative space with a ton of machines where anyone in the company can come to make cool stickers, design t-shirts, use the sewing machines and they have a ton of workshops to help you learn.

This summer has been so great, not only for my professional development but I’ve also been able to meet a lot of really creative, dope people (for lack of better word, lol) and do cool projects with them. I only have 2 weeks left here It’s a bittersweet feeling, because I love working here but I also want to rest because I haven’t had a break since school ended. It’s honestly felt more like a much needed creative rehab than a job, which has been really refreshing.

Hope you guys have are having a great summer and enjoyed this post!

Author: Anita


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