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Monthly Indulgence— Japanese Skincare

I’ve always struggled with finding the right skincare products that work for my skin. I’ve tried different brands, consistencies, and saw little to no results. I wondered why some people are blessed with flawless skin and never thought that one day I’d be comfortable without wearing any makeup.

I find myself looking for new skincare products whenever I travel. So, this time I decided to be your guinea pig and test out some of the products that I’ve bought in Tokyo. After using Japanese skincare products for 3 years, I can confidently say that it works! And honestly, all I need from skin care products are for them to work. Without further ado, let’s get into our list of skincare products!

1: Shiseido— Senka Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam, “Perfect Whip”

It was overwhelming to see the variety of product in Japanese when I first walked into a drugstore. They have 30+ moisturizers just on one aisle. This product is very soothing and soft. It has a consistency as whip cream, hence the name “Perfect Whip”. I find this facial cleanser best as a morning cleanser because it is soft on the skin and it helps remove makeup residues from the night before. However, I use this product day and night just to make sure that my skin is fresh and clean at all times.

2: BCL Ghassoul Paste Blackhead Remover

This facial cleanser is something that I use if I wear makeup. It is not the most gentle face wash, but it really helps deep clean my pores and get rid of the makeup residues. I love how it has creates a cooling effect on your skin after you use it. The cleanser itself is black, which makes me feel like I am actually applying charcoal infused nutrients to my skin. This might not be the best cleanser if you have sensitive skin.

3: Horse Oil Shonbahyu

Guys… This is hands down one of the best products I’ve ever used. I swear by horse oil. Horse oil has been used extensively in Japanese and Chinese medicine for hundreds of years now. It is known for treating small skin injuries such as burns, cuts, and eczema. You don’t need a lot of this product. Just dab a Q-tip on the oil, and tap it all over your face. I see results in 3 days of use. I usually use this oil at night because it is thick and it gives a shine. However, depending on the brand the consistency may vary. There are products infused with horse oil, such as hair wash, conditioner, lip balm, hand moisturizers, and more. And believe me when I say I bought every possible product available. It is all the rage in Asian Beauty and I definitely feel the hype.

4: ISHIZAWA Keana Baking Soda Face Foam

When I first saw this, I was very skeptical. I thought to myself there is absolutely now way for a powder form face wash to work. But I was wrong. This baking soda looking white powder has evened my texture. I pour about a tablespoon of powder and mix several drops of water in the palm of my hand. As the water dissolves the powder, I then proceed to add more water and rub my palms together until it foams. What I like about this product is that powder has a texture to it, which helps exfoliate my skin. This product might not be for everyone, but it is super fun to use!

5: SANA NAMERAKA Isoflavone Soy Milk Moisturizing Cream

Ladies and gentlemen. I’d like to introduce to you my holy grail. I use moisturizing cream day and night. Even if I was late for class, I’d apply this moisturizing cream. It is so silky and applying it onto the skin is such a luxurious experience. The cream itself has no scent, which I something I prefer for skincare products. It creates a healthy glow and it keeps your skin moisturized all day long. Most importantly, it does not melt on your skin in the summer! I would recommend this moisturizing cream if you are looking for a moisturizer to stay on your skin in the heat.

This concludes my list of Japanese skin care products. Definitely try out some of these products if you get a chance to do so. Most of these products are available on Amazon. I hope you find this guide helpful. Don’t forget to treat your skin like a Queen!

Author: Maxime


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