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Paris Nous Manque: Our Guide to Paris

Bonjour nos amis! With a little sadness, we said goodbye to Paris last week; we packed our far-too-large suitcases, ate our last pain au chocolat, and hopped on our flights. The two and a half months that Anita and I spent there were so much fun, and besides studying (of course) we got to see and do a lot in the city. Since I’m still reminiscing and wishing I was back in Europe, I thought I’d share some of my Paris recs, tips, and everything in between!


Palais de Tokyo

I know I already made a post about this but guys, I seriously LOVED Palais de Tokyo. I went to almost all the major museums in Paris, including the Louvre like 6 times, but this one really did it for me. From an art perspective, the curation was great and I got to see work by a bunch of artists I don’t usually encounter. The museum itself is also really well decorated, and the café looked like a really chill hangout. Palais de Tokyo also has a lot of nighttime events that feature artists, as well as the occasional DJ set, so I’d highly recommend checking it out!

Château de Versailles

We went to Versailles on a class excursion and had a great time. It's really interesting in terms of French history and understanding the revolution, because it's so lavish and well preserved! It's also a great place to take tons of pictures, so coordinate your outfit accordingly ;) Our friend Naomy served some looks with us.

Food & Drinks

Rue de Buci

Located in Saint-Germain-des-Près, this street has a ton of really great restaurants and a really good vibe. For brunch, or drinks and appetizers in the evening, Maison Sauvage is lovely. Atlas has great typical French food. A cool Italian restaurant, Luigi, has great food with a modern twist and really new and fresh decor.

Rue Montorgueil

For a great lunch à la Parisienne or delicious pastries, pop into anywhere down Rue Montorgueil. It’s always popping with people on the weekends, and it never gets boring!

Le Comptoir Général

Anita went to this bar more times than I did, but it’s a really cool hangout in the early evening and at night. The crowd is young, the drinks aren’t too expensive, and the vibe is really chill.

Parks & Outdoor Hangouts

Honestly. Either alone or with friends, this was my favorite thing to do in Paris hands down, and it was so relaxing too! It made me feel so Parisian to just let everything slow down and just let time pass. Go buy some cheeses (they sell so many varieties), a couple of baguettes, and some wine, and just hang out on a picnic blanket for hours and hours. We once ate so much Sainte-Maure de Touraine (the best goat cheese in the entire world) that I couldn’t even look at cheese for the rest of the week. These were my top picks for parks:

For a more touristy experience, picnicking by the Eiffel Tower is lovely and great for cute pictures. There are always a ton of tourists, however, and you’ll get asked to buy miniature Eiffel Towers very often.

For a more chilled out, but still touristy, vibe, the Jardin de Luxembourg has beautiful landscaping, and a ton of great places to sit down and read a book. The architecture in the park is lovely, and it’s really near a lot of other attractions.

In the 14th arrondissement, a lesser known but still beautiful park, Parc Montsouris, has a lot of grassy area, a man-made pond, a ton of gigantic trees, and next to no tourists.

If you want to make a whole day out of it, though, I’d really recommend going early in the day to Bois de Boulogne. It’s great to walk around in, and feels a little more in touch with nature than the rest of the city.


Le Bon Marché

I was trying to save, so I didn’t do a lot of shopping, but department stores are my weakness and I found myself going back to Le Bon Marché again and again. No lie, I think I went 7 or 8 times with different people and by myself just to gawk at designer handbags, browse through the pop-up shops, smell all the Dior perfumes, and buy pastries at La Grande Epicerie. If you love window shopping or are looking to buy designer, Le Bon Marché is beautiful, low key, and a lovely example of Parisian posh.

Author: Martina


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