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Weekend Glow

We’re back! Exams were tough, but we’re bouncing back and we have some news!

We hung out at The Promontory in Hyde Park, Chicago, where we had a delicious brunch and an impromptu photoshoot. We decided it would be great to unwind and relax at the end of a busy quarter over some great food on a sunny Saturday.

We did, after all, want to spend some quality time together, since you won’t be seeing the three of us in the same place for a while: Anita and Martina will be studying abroad in Paris until June, while Maxime will be staying in Chicago. It’s going to be hard being apart, but we’re so excited!

We’ll still be posting the same content— beauty, art, fashion — but we’ll be going international! Stay tuned to see some European adventures, interviews with badass women, and more of our extra selves ;)

In the meantime, keep an eye on our Instagram story @dtmblog to keep up with what we’re up to this Spring Break!


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