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Welcome to DTM!

Welcome to DTM!

We have been planning this launch for a while, and are extremely excited to finally be sharing it with you. We all have unique backgrounds, but have come together as a collective to create a platform for creative expression. We aim to aesthetically speak our minds on all things fashion, beauty and art related.

The name DTM (Doing The Most), speaks for our collective: ambitious women who constantly work to be their best, look their best, and show the world everything they’ve got. It’s very easy for women to cloak their ambitions in the fear of appearing intimidating or intense, but we are here to embrace it. The amazing Shonda Rhimes said it best, “There’s nothing wrong with being driven. And there’s nothing wrong with putting yourself first to reach your goals.” So, in addition to sharing our opinions on fashion, beauty and artistic expression, we will be embracing female ambition and featuring women that we really feel do the most in their own ways!

We hope to build a community of aesthetes, creators and ambitious women through this blog while staying true to ourselves. We hope you’ll follow our collective on this journey and stick around for more!

Our first feature is the talented Grace Peguese, who helped bring our ideas for the first shoot to life. Make sure to check out her photography at gpegphoto.com, and follow her on Instagram @gpeg_photography.

This shoot was a ton of fun, so scroll down to catch us Doing the Most! And don't forget to follow our instagram too @dtmblog


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