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Who is She: Eugenia Ko

The second guest featured on DTM's Who is She series is the amazing Eugenia Ko. This series ties closely to DTM's mission to build a diverse group of supportive women. We want to take this opportunity to show some love and appreciation to all the amazing women around us and share their stories with you all!

Eugenia is a very dear friend of mine and probably the funniest person I know. From economic modeling to fashion design, Eugenia has never failed to surprise those around her with her talent in everything quant and creative. As a fourth-year Economics major at the University of Chicago, Eugenia serves on the board of MODA, a student fashion organization. From managing student designers to overseeing the Designer Bootcamp Program, Eugenia has shown us that with passion, perseverance, and patience, you can accomplish whatever you put your mind to. Eugenia has also designed three jaw-dropping clothing collections, and I can't wait to see her launch her own clothing brand! She previously held roles at the Becker Friedman Institute, the University of Chicago Law school and the Smart Museum of Art at the University of Chicago (insane!!). Upon graduation, Eugenia will be joining NERA Economic Consulting as a Research Associate. 

As a fellow fashion designer at MODA, I had the privilege of working alongside Eugenia as she designed her 2020 fashion collection. I would describe her style as minimal and delicate with a touch of Parisian romance in it. Her style is a true reflection of who she is as a personclassy, witty, and down to earth.

Hear from MODA’s very own Eugenia Ko:

“Thinking back to my first MODA show as part of the Designer Boot Camp Program when I had little to no sewing knowledge, this year's design process definitely felt like a manifestation of everything I had learned. The most challenging part of fashion design and construction has always been finding a way to reduce all the ideas and inspirations. For me, the design process involved a lot of hard choices and doubts, and each year it has become more challenging as I try to grow as a designer. However, it was incredibly rewarding to overcome the challenges faced during the process and launch a collection I am proud of."

Check out Eugenia's interview with MODA, and here's a sneak peek into Eugenia’s designs!


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